IMG_4231On Wednesday, we caught a morning flight to Copenhagen, Denmark. The first thing we did was grab lunch at a local café. Afterwards, we embarked on a hop-on, hop-off bus tour of the city. Our time in Copenhagen was limited, but the bus tour allowed us to soak up the city in a short amount of time. One of the highlights of the bus tour was the Little Mermaid statue commemorating Hans Christian Andersen. We also enjoyed learning about Copenhagen’s historical palaces and monuments.
After the bus tour and a coffee break, we headed to Christiania. Christiania is a tiny pocket of the city that has been fairly autonomous since the 1970s. Denizens of Christiania insist that they are not a part of Denmark or even the European Union. The area has a cute art gallery and is fun for people-watching.
Our next stop was Magasin, a posh department store celebrating its 150th birthday this year. We did not buy any clothing, but we did pick out some fancy chocolates!
Before dinner, we grabbed a drink at Mikkellen, a fancy local brewery. I had actually tried one of their beers in Uppsala! We had a seafood dinner on Nyhavn, a waterfront stretch of bars and restaurants. Next, we headed home to prepare for an early flight back to Stockholm.
Copenhagen is a beautiful and vibrant city. It has a more bohemian reputation than Stockholm, which is confirmed by all of the music venues and street art around town. Although we visited on a cold and rainy day, we were still able to appreciate all of the beautiful architecture and scenery!





One thought on “Copenhagen

  1. Dear Lauren,

    I can remember seeing The Little Mermaid”. I’m glad you are seeing so many interesting things. I hope the weather cleared up.

    I’m here at the cabin this week with Tammy and Janet. They say the skiing is good, but there are too many people. I guess Ski Cooper has been found. Tomorrow we will head home. The weather has been beautiful this week, but we really need snow.

    Have fun with your family.

    Love, Grammy


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