Stockholm, round two

My family joined me for my second visit to Stockholm! We stayed in Gamla Stan, the old town, which I had not seen before. Our time in town was not continuous; we were based there all week but went to spend nights in Kiruna and Copenhagen. I did not take many photos during this journey to Stockholm so all the pictures on this post are from my mom. If you know her at all, you know that taking a lot of pictures was not a problem for her!

gamla stan

After flying back from Kiruna, we visited the Vasa Museum on Djurgården. I had already visited the museum on my first trip to Stockholm, but I enjoyed it just as much my second time around. Later, we met up with one of Avery’s old friends who moved to Stockholm a few years ago. She and her mom gave us a tour of Stockholm as we headed to get dinner together.
We spent the next full day, Tuesday, in Stockholm. I made sure my mom and sister tried traditional Swedish semla before heading out for the day. You can see what they look like above. First on our agenda was the ABBA museum, where we had a lot of fun with all the interactive exhibits! Avery left afterwards to spend a few more hours with her friend. Meanwhile, my parents and I grabbed lunch and toured the Nordic Museum to learn all about Scandinavian culture. We then checked out the Dala horse museum near our Airbnb. All of the Schneiders reunited for a cozy dinner in Gamla Stan.
On Thursday, we landed back in Stockholm after our visit to Copenhagen. We visited the Nobel Museum, which was very inspiring. Then, we saw the armory in the palace. There was a special exhibit all about Marie Antoinette’s relationship with Axel von Fersen. For dinner, we went to a place purporting to serve medieval Scandinavian fare. I got to try mead for the first time!
On Friday, I showed my family around Uppsala and they took the train back to Stockholm for another day of exploring on Saturday. I did not join them for the final day because I had an essay to write; believe it or not, I’m still a student!

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