Uppsala with family

On my last day with my family, I showed them Uppsala. I took them to see where I live followed by a late breakfast of semla at Cafe Storken. Then, we saw some other sights in town like the university buildings and the cathedral. I’ve been in the cathedral before but this was my first time to spend more than a few minutes in there.IMG_4237.JPG

We had our lunch at Max, a Swedish burger chain I like a lot. Then, we headed to Gamla Uppsala. It was too cold to spend much time there, but we saw the old church and the burial mounds. We returned to central Uppsala for a fika with Swedish princess cake. Afterwards, we poked around the stores in the center of town until it was time for dinner. We ate at a Spanish restaurant that I had been eyeing but never before had an excuse to try. Finally, my family went to the train station to return to Stockholm and I took the bus back to my corridor.
I’m so glad I got to spend a week with my family. Although Uppsala does not have as many attractions as the other cities we visited, I enjoyed letting my family experience my daily life here.


One thought on “Uppsala with family

  1. I know your family was glad they could experience Uppsala and have a better idea of your surroundings. Your mom said she really liked the town. Have a happy Easter. Love, Grammy



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