I departed Berlin on Saturday afternoon and arrived in Amsterdam that evening. After settling in to my hostel, I took a nighttime walk along some of the canals. It was a good opportunity to take in the city because I would not be in Amsterdam proper for very long the next day. My first impression of the city is that it was very quiet, although this likely had something to do with Easter being the next day.
My first stop on Sunday morning was Zaanse Schaans, a small historic town near Amsterdam with well-preserved historic windmills. It was nice to see them while sipping on some famous Dutch cocoa.

I had been anticipating my next stop, the Keukenhof tulip garden in Lisse, for weeks. Although not all of the tulips were in bloom yet, it was still a beautiful way to celebrate Easter and welcome the spring.

Afterwards, I took the bus back to Amsterdam so I could visit the Rijksmusem. I could have spent all day at this world-class art destination, but I didn’t get there until shortly before closing. I’m still very glad I went because I was able to see a Van Gogh self-portrait and Rembrandt’s The Night Watch. The museum café stayed open later than the art gallery so I was able to sample some Dutch cheeses before catching the first train of my trip back to Sweden.
My time in Berlin and Amsterdam was short but sweet. I hope to return to these cities one day for a more in-depth experience, but I can safely say it was my best long weekend ever!


2 thoughts on “Amsterdam

  1. That was a very interesting weekend you had. I had never heard of the memorial to the Murdered Jews, but it must have been very impressive. You surely saw lots of interesting things in a short time. I can remember visiting some of those places and being very impressed. Worth going back to visit in depth. You are a seasoned world traveler for sure.

    Love, Grammy


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  2. Hi Sweetheart–I am SO happy you are taking such care to really see as much of the area as possible.  It all looks so beautiful! I love the tulips–and like Grammy, find the jewish memorial striking and sobering.  Thanks so much for your lovely writing.  Aunt Cindy

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