I took a trip to Gothenburg over the Ascension Day break. Because I only have a few more weeks in the country, I wanted to visit another Swedish city before finals. Situated on the country’s west coast, Gothenburg is Sweden’s second biggest city and is a regional hub of art and culture. I had a wonderful time on my visit!

I arrived in the city on Tuesday afternoon. The first thing I did was explore Haga, a neighborhood famous for its 19th-century wooden buildings. With all its shops and cafés, Haga is a popula tourist spot but was very quiet when I visited as pictured below.


My first night in Gothenburg wasn’t too eventful because I was tired from the train travel. I caught the first Eurovision semifinal and went to bed.

On Wednesday, I spent most of my day on the Gothenburg Archipelago. I took a ferry to the islands of the southern archipelago that cannot be reached by car.  First, I visited Styrsö, likely the largest of the southern islands. Styrsö boasts many swimming spots and nature trails. I explored the island on one of these trails, but the water was slightly too cold for swimming. I still had fun wading around and sunbathing. A lot of families were visiting the island that day, but I had broad areas all to myself once I was far enough along the nature trail!


In the evening, I explored Gothenburg’s nightlife along a street called Andra Långgatan. I caught most of a metal band’s set in one bar, which was a lot of fun! After poking around in a couple more bars, I went back to my hostel for the night.


I started Thursday at one of the city’s many parks. I bought an ice cream cone and looked at plants from all over the world! It was a beautiful sunny day, so a lot of other people were there enjoying the weather. After seeing the whole park, I went on a sightseeing boat tour through the city’s canals. I learned a lot about Gothenburg’s role in Swedish history.

The tour let off at Kungsportsplatsen, the starting point for the Avenyn. The Avenyn is a small entertainment district centered around a street called Kungsportsavenyn. I headed to the Gothenburg Museum of Art at the other end of the Avenyn. I saw a lot of Nordic art and learned about the art movements that called Gothenburg home such as the Gothenburg Colorists. I also got to see degree projects by art students from the University of Gothenburg at a gallery adjoining the main art museum.


I had dinner at a seafood place just off the Avenyn. Due to its coastal location, Gothenburg is famous for its fresh seafood. After dinner, I went to the hostel to catch the second Eurovision semifinal.

On Friday, I visited another art musem, the Röda Sten Konsthall. This museum was housed in an old industrial building and also featured works from Gothenburg art students, this time from the photography program.


After fika at the Röda Sten café, I went back to Andra Långgatan. There, I saw a performance from a musical duo at a record store and coffee shop. The performance was a lot of fun and the artists were very talented.


I got dinner at a nearby Indian restaurant after the performance and returned to the hostel to rest up for a travel day. I am writing this post on the train from Gothenburg to Stockholm, where I will spend a night before returning to Uppsala. I had a lot of fun in Gothenburg and am glad I am experiencing more of what Sweden has to offer before going home!


One thought on “Gothenburg

  1. Thanks for telling of your experiences in Gothenburg. There seems to be a lot to see there. I’m glad you took the time to go there and you enjoyed it. Now I guess you will be concentrating on exams and your trip home. I’m praying all goes well for you. Hope to see you soon. Love, Grammy



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