Stockholm, round three


On my trip back from Gothenburg, I decided to spend a night in Stockholm because I did not know if I would have a chance to visit again. I checked into my hostel about 6 in the evening. Then, I walked around Östermalm, one of Stockholm’s ritziest neighborhoods. I had a lot of fun windowshopping at the uspscale stores surrounding the Stureplan square. Most of them were already closed, but I didn’t really mind. I wasn’t going to pop in and buy a pair of Prada heels anyway!

I ended my time in Östermalm with chips, guacamole, and a margarita. None of it matched up to what I could get in Texas, but it helped with my cravings for the real thing. Afterwards, I caught most of the Eurovision finals in my hostel.

I started the next day with brunch in a trendy part of town called Södermalm. Then I took the metro to Kungsträdgården Station to see some of the station artwork.


From Kungsträdgården, I could walk to the Royal Palace. I had visited the armory before with my family, but this time I was able to visit the royal treasury and royal apartments. Before touring the inside of the castle, however, I got to see the changing of the guards! This was a nice surprise because I thought it happened earlier in the day.


After visiting the palace, I went to Monteliusvägen where I enjoyed the beautiful view of the city you can see at the beginning of this post. I then relaxed with wine, cheese, and a book before catching my train home to Uppsala. I made sure to get home early in the evening so I could call my mom for Mother’s Day. I’m so glad I got to experience more of Stockholm before I have to leave!


One thought on “Stockholm, round three

  1. Hi, Lauren,

    Glad you were able to see more of Stockholm. You surely have had an interesting semester. You must have read lots of travel brochures since you always seemed to know where to go so you didn’t waste any precious time. Good for you.

    I guess you are getting ready for exams now. I hope they go well for you.

    I’ll miss seeing you when I am in Allen for Avery’s graduation. Hope we can get together soon. I hear you have an internship in Austin for the summer. Should be interesting.

    Love, Grammy


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